August 23, 2016 tags

Performance Patch
We are pleased to announce that our ‘Performance Patch’ will be releasing today! The team have worked incredibly hard on features and improvements contained in this patch. From stabilisation to bug fixes, we can’t wait to get it into your hands!

With hundreds of improvements and fixes, we cannot list them all but we would like to focus on some of the bigger ones.

Frame rate Improvements
The biggest problem players experienced at the launch of Homefront: The Revolution was inconsistent frame rate. We have been working hard to improve this incrementally throughout previous patches, and have now boosted frame rate a further 15% on top of the 25% improvement already achieved in 1.06. This will ensure a much smoother experience for everyone playing across all platforms.

Save Game Stalls
The team have also been working on another of the bigger issues since we launched, ‘stalls’ that were present when the game is saving. We reduced the number of stalls occurring in previous patches, but the team have spent further work to reduce this event entirely. We are happy to report that this has been greatly reduced from the 5 to 10 seconds originally reported to becoming unnoticeable as you play through the game.

Bug fixes
As mentioned above, we have been regularly reviewing Community reported issues and have spent time fixing up the most commonly reported bugs that players have unfortunately encountered whilst playing Campaign and Resistance Mode. Further details of the main issues fixed will be present in the Patch Notes.

HUD Customizer
Some players have been requesting the ability to hide certain UI elements from the HUD. We are pleased to announce this is now possible. Players will see a new menu item under Options called “HUD”. Here you will be able to toggle elements on or off to change your experience.

Resistance Mode – 2 New Maps
Boom Patrol

“The KPA seem to be massing their drone forces, we believe they’re planning a huge mechanised attack, but if we can destroy their fuel supplies we can stop the drones in their tracks. Find the KPA fuel dump and eliminate it.”


Indy Forever
“The KPA have retaken parts of Lombard and are probing our defences at Independence Hall. We think they might be planning a major assault. We need the Resistance Goliath to repel their attack but its offline. Repair the Goliath and defend Independence Hall at all costs.”


Resistance Mode – Guerrilla Score
The ‘Guerrilla Score’ system has been introduced to indicate a player’s overall experience with the game. Players can earn Guerrilla Score by ranking up characters, completing missions on increasing difficulties, earning new citations and increasing a character’s ‘Renown’.

Resistance Mode – Renown
Players who have reached top rank on characters will be pleased to hear that our new ‘Renown’ system will allow continued play. All XP gained at max rank contributes towards a character’s renown, increase their Renown to earn more Guerrilla Score and Armory crates.

The full patch notes can be viewed on our forums: http://bit.ly/2bTwHd3