April 30, 2016 tags

You can now earn FREE in-game content through Merits!

Merits are rewards you can unlock by performing actions on the website as a logged-in member of the community. If you created an account, you already earned one Merit. If you are reading this news post, you earned another!

Each Merit will unlock a piece of the Red Rebel set, a unique set of cosmetic gear for your online co-op character in Resistance Mode.

How to earn Merits:

  • Sign into your Homefront account on the website (desktop or mobile) or on the Homefront Resistance Network app (iOS or Android)
  • Visit the Merits section to see which ones are available to earn
  • Perform the action requires to earn a Merit

Go to your Profile to connect your Homefront website account with your account on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 to unlock earned pieces of the Red Rebel set on your in-game account.

We will be adding more Merits over time over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for news on how to earn more Merits!