April 11, 2016 tags

Life under the oppression of the KPA is hard for all of us. That’s why we need you to help us to take back the occupied zones of Philadelphia. Watch the video below to learn more about the different zones of the city.

In the bombed-out ruins and abandoned streets of the Red Zones, we’re at war with the KPA. We set traps and lay ambushes for their patrols to take back control block by block, and establish safe houses where we can restock on supplies and equipment. But be aware: the KPA monitors the streets continuously with airships and snipers.

The Yellow Zones are the parts of the city where most of the population lives. Here you’ll have to provide hope to the people and mobilise them for our cause. Win their hearts and minds by aiding them against the oppressors, destroying the KPA’s infrastructure, and countering their propaganda to ignite the spark of Revolution. The environment dynamically changes as you gain more popular support. When we’ve established enough control of the city, we can strike at the heart of the KPA’s control, the Green Zones. This is from where they control Philadelphia and organize their occupation, so expect heavy resistance. It will be no easy feat to take on the KPA’s most secure zones, but with your help and the help of the people, we will have a chance.