February 19, 2016 tags

On behalf of all of us here at Dambuster Studios in sunny(!) Nottingham, we want to sincerely thank everybody who has participated in our Closed Beta for Homefront: The Revolution.

There is only so much you can test yourself, and this Beta gave us a chance to get real data in a live environment. But it also gave us a chance to involve You, our players, in our development process and let you give us your raw feedback.

Our aim for this Beta was to test our matchmaking and server architecture, to make sure we have all the necessary data to make Resistance Mode a smooth online experience when it launches.

The Beta was a huge success for us – we logged over 200,000 unique players , a peak of 25,000 concurrent users and have generated 150GB of telemetry!!!

We are STILL reading all of your feedback on our forums and social media, and we have been watching you play on Twitch and YouTube. From your feedback, playtime, and progression in the Beta, we can see there are a lot of players who adapted to (and enjoyed!) our take on tactical, co-op guerrilla combat.

We’ve also realised there are many of you who expected to see more polish in this Beta. We hope you understand this was a real Beta with crucial development goals, not a glossy marketing demo . We made a conscious decision to not devote time polishing the Beta and instead focus on getting that data and feedback sooner rather than later, so we can properly respond to it – this will only benefit the final quality of the game. We know some of you had concerns over the Beta’s visual quality, but that is normal for a product this far from release – if we had the choice again, we’d do it the same way.

Thanks to your playtime and your patience, we can’t thank you enough! We put together a little ‘thank you’ video with some FRAPS capture of this Monday’s playtest.

Plus, Craig got to go on camera!

Dambuster out.