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    the game is really good and after stopped playing for a while, I decided to come back to finish the campaign. But I encountered some problems that weren't fixed yet and kind of destroy the gameplay.

    1. Elmtree tunnel to Holloway is still not working. So if you come back from Holloway and want to continue the main campaign, you can't! Also fast travel not working :(

    2. Flashpoint missions not spawning : These missions are supposed to be randomly generated, but for some people, we never get one. I don't know if it's when the area is cleared, no more missions will spawn, but that's ridiculous since you need to achieve X number to get 100% cleared. For example, all Elmtree is blue, but still stuck with 1/2 FP mission.

    3. Snipers not spawning. I think it's the same problem as above. When area is cleared, they are not spawning anymore. Which is sad, because you also need to kill a certain number. For example, I have 10/15 in Holloway, but can't find more. My request is that even if the zone is cleared, make sure to spawn the correct enemies and FP in the areas even if it's cleared.

    Thank you

    EDIT: I found that when you cleared an area, no more Flashpoint missions are spawning. Also snipers are part of the FP Missions or Outpost. So if you cleared an area, no way to finish these objectives.
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