1. Ace91 Ace91 Active Member

    I miss N64 with 007 GoldenEye, D.K and some others. I dont want to make this to long, because I miss so much.

    I wanted to change things up and get away from HFTR topics.
  2. DPoter DPoter New Member

    Also I miss at that time.
  3. GideonFlux GideonFlux New Member

    I miss the sound and feeling of wandering into an actual arcade, the excitement of the other gamers, watching someone do a Fatality in Mortal Kombat II. The arcades of today don't really measure up like the ones from years ago. Maybe it's the lack of laser tag.
  4. dookiebooty dookiebooty New Member

    I miss Terra Nova : Strike Force Centauri. Brilliant PC game back in the 90's. I think it pioneered many of the in game systems that they used today. You were able to pick out armor from stealth to tank, weapons laser and grenade launchers, mods and equipment. even were able to choose computer teammates and when teammates died in the field they were dead forever. Great game. Too bad it Looking Glass Studios blew their money of live action cut scenes instead of development of multiplayer, Halo and COD would of looked just like a copycat. If Dambusters/Deep Silver would bring back the game with Crytek and the cry engine it would be beautiful, mindblowing and revolutionary.
  5. Finaacor Finaacor New Member

    I miss, I miss the old console games, the vending machines in which the candy could be won)))
  6. Finaacor Finaacor New Member

    I remember the times when COD was a game about WW2 and dont space crap shit like now, also I loved hockey games.

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