1. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios


    We are pleased to announce that our Spring Update patch is out now! Our third and final DLC, Beyond The Walls will be out on Wednesday!

    Patch Notes:

    • Support for our third and final DLC, Beyond The Walls (Releasing 08/03)
    • Console Trial Mode with unlimited free access to Resistance Mode
    • Playstation 4 Pro Support
    • Various bug fixes
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  2. SATTY SATTY New Member

    Will pc get hdr support ?
  3. AmbientMalice AmbientMalice Member

    "Various bug fixes" is a little nonspecific, but I'm hoping for the best. They've had a few months to smash as many bugs as possible. Maybe there's so many bug fixes they couldn't list them all. :)
  4. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    Beyond the Walls looks awesome. The new world looks really inspired. Can't wait! :)
  5. Nic727 Nic727 New Member

    Any informations about what content will be in "Beyond The Wall" like which character we will play, the story, etc.?
  6. Riekopo Riekopo New Member

    Would appreciate some actual patch notes please.
  7. AmbientMalice AmbientMalice Member

  8. kratos kratos New Member

    Any new trophies tied to this?
  9. MrFalcon MrFalcon New Member

    @DSDBCraig, with this update also HF:TR support ends or it will be continue?
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  10. AmbientMalice AmbientMalice Member

    Yea, I am interested in whether the devs are planning on releasing any sort of follow-up patch to iron out some more bugs now that they've finished making DLC.
  11. Riekopo Riekopo New Member

    I hope that the enemy spawning/despawning can be improved. I hope flashlight shadows can be added as an option. I hope the reflections that this patch broken gets fixed. I hope the crossbow is made actually useful. I wish they would go back and add a voice to Brady in the vanilla campaign. That's my final wishlist for this game.
  12. V0LT V0LT New Member

    #DSDBCraig Can you fix the Prison District bridge to the supply area? Once you shoot the locks off and if the bridge doesn't drop or you leave the area after it drops there is no way to get it to drop again. I love the game, but as someone who preordered this, I would expect these issues to be fixed.
  13. MrFalcon MrFalcon New Member

    @Volt , if its location I think it is you should look for ropes which hold brige from lowering.

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