1. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios


    We are pleased to announce that our ‘Performance Patch’ is out now!

    The team have worked incredibly hard on features and improvements contained in this patch. From stabilisation to bug fixes, we're excited to finally get it into your hands!

    With hundreds of improvements and fixes, we cannot list them all but we would like to focus on some of the bigger ones.

    Frame rate Improvements
    The biggest problem players experienced at the launch of Homefront: The Revolution was inconsistent frame rate. We have been working hard to improve this incrementally throughout previous patches, and have now boosted frame rate a further 15% on top of the 25% improvement already achieved in 1.06. This will ensure a much smoother experience for everyone playing across all platforms.

    Save Game Stalls
    The team have also been working on another of the bigger issues since we launched, ‘stalls’ that were present when the game is saving. We reduced the number of stalls occurring in previous patches, but the team have spent further work to reduce this event entirely. We are happy to report that this has been greatly reduced from the 5 to 10 seconds originally reported to becoming unnoticeable as you play through the game.

    Bug fixes
    As mentioned above, we have been regularly reviewing Community reported issues and have spent time fixing up the most commonly reported bugs that players have unfortunately encountered whilst playing Campaign and Resistance Mode. Further details of the main issues fixed will be present in the Patch Notes.

    HUD Customizer
    Some players have been requesting the ability to hide certain UI elements from the HUD. We are pleased to announce this is now possible. Players will see a new menu item under Options called “HUD”. Here you will be able to toggle elements on or off to change your experience.

    Resistance Mode – 2 New Maps
    Boom Patrol

    “The KPA seem to be massing their drone forces, we believe they're planning a huge mechanised attack, but if we can destroy their fuel supplies we can stop the drones in their tracks. Find the KPA fuel dump and eliminate it.”


    Indy Forever
    “The KPA have retaken parts of Lombard and are probing our defences at Independence Hall. We think they might be planning a major assault. We need the Resistance Goliath to repel their attack but its offline. Repair the Goliath and defend Independence Hall at all costs.”


    Resistance Mode – Guerrilla Score
    The ‘Guerrilla Score’ system has been introduced to indicate a player’s overall experience with the game. Players can earn Guerrilla Score by ranking up characters, completing missions on increasing difficulties, earning new citations and increasing a character’s ‘Renown’.

    Resistance Mode – Renown
    Players who have reached top rank on characters will be pleased to hear that our new ‘Renown’ system will allow continued play. All XP gained at max rank contributes towards a character’s renown, increase their Renown to earn more Guerrilla Score and Armory crates.
  2. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    Patch Notes:
    • 2 New Resistance Mode Map ‘Boom Patrol’ & ‘Indy Forever’
    • Save Stall Reduction
    • Smoother framerate and improved performance throughout the game via
      • Spawning Optimisations
      • Checkpoint Save Optimisations
      • Lighting and Particle Optimisations
    • Bug fixes and stability improvements including
      • Fix for intermittent issue in which a box could get stuck preventing Medical Supplies Strikpoint completing correctly
      • Fix for enemies not spawning correctly on occasion preventing Old Town Apartment Strikepoint completing correctly
      • Fix for padlocks not being able to be destroyed in certain situations preventing Car Park Chop Shop Strikepoint to be completed
      • Fix for black screen sometimes occurring following Aftermath mission and cinematic cutscene’s
      • Fixed an issue with some players losing equipment when continuing save game from a previous patch
      • Fixed a further issue some players experience with the SAM launcher becoming blocked in End Game
    • New Resistance Mode Features
      • Added ‘Guerrilla Score’ system to indicate a player’s overall experience in the game. Players can earn Guerrilla score by ranking up characters, completing missions on increasing difficulties, earning new citations and increasing a characters ‘Renown’.
      • Added ‘Renown’ system to reward continued play with a character at the rank cap. All XP gained at max rank contributes towards a character’s renown, increase their Renown to earn more Guerrilla Score and Armory crates.
    • Added the ability to set Resistance Mode character name with more than basic English characters
    • Updated Resistance Mode End of Mission display to better present end of match rewards
    • Resistance Mode bug fixes and stability improvements
    • Inside Job achievement tweak to reduce the number of reinforcements called after securing a stronghold
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  3. SkullBob SkullBob New Member

    Looks like VERY/EXTREMELY soon did mean today after all ;)

    On top of the much needed performance boost it looks like a lot of other big issues have been addressed. Cannot wait to try this newly updated version for Homefront out later tonight!

    What is the download size? (I am on PS4)

    Thanks for the continued work, and support, on this game.

    - MjA -
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  4. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    @DSDBCraig I'm downloading the update now. I've been holding off playing the game lately to wait for the patch. I'm excited about the new Guerrilla Score feature. That's something I've been wanting when I noticed that players only see the rank of your current character. I even listed it on my DLC Ideas forum. As soon as I saw the patchouse note on Facebook, I instantly put the game in and started downloading. Thanks for all the hard work you and the rest of the team has put in!
  5. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    It's live now. Downloading it right now on Xbox One. It's about 2.3 GBs.
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  6. Kinvig Kinvig New Member

    Unfortunately the Paschal Train yard Strike point secure the train yard and locate old surveillance system is still bugged and doesn't recognise I'm in front of it.
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  7. Squall1967 Squall1967 New Member

    Me too. Very very sad!!!
  8. Kinvig Kinvig New Member

    I have forgotten about this and continued the game. Now it crashes as soon as I try to fast travel to lombard on the Sam site mission what a crock if poo this game really is, very dissatisfied and now can't continue at all, keeps dropping me back to dashboard no matter what I try. Nice patch guys. Ha ha ha.
  9. AmbientMalice AmbientMalice Member

    Why are you trying to fast travel?
  10. Kinvig Kinvig New Member

    Ahh OK I'm in the tunnel underneath the safe house and press x at the tunnel gate not actually walking through the tunnel thought it was a fast travel. Still crashes back to dashboard regardless when trying to get to the next checkpoint though.
  11. Grim_streaker999 Grim_streaker999 New Member

    Love this game. but I bought it not to long ago though, so I havent noticed any of those start hick ups. My only issue thus far have been the frame rate, witch seems fine now.
    Imo this game beats the new deus ex by far
  12. Marvelous Marvelous New Member

    I have to say, you guys did an awesome job with this patch. I originally played about 4 hours of the game when it first released. I ended up putting the game on the shelf because it almost felt unplayable. Now that the framerate is smoothed out, I finally can appreciate the game. Now the textures and gameplay shine the way they were supposed to be seen.

    Good Job, I'm thoroughly enoying the game now.
  13. G_Phellz G_Phellz New Member

    When will I get my "Home Of The Brave" trophy?
  14. tomobrien tomobrien New Member

    Is the patch out for the PS4. Im connected to the net but its still only version 1.08
  15. AlanPoe AlanPoe New Member

    This IS the lastest patch on PS4, the performance patch labeled "2.0" elsewere on this forum. So you should experience the improvements listed above.
  16. robjob robjob New Member

    The patch fixed a lot of issues which is great but the game crashes whenever it tries to save so I can't progress in the game or buy/trade any items. I'm assuming this is due to the attempt to decrease the saving time; the solution has now created another problem that's even worse.
    When will a patch be released to fix this so I can play the game?
  17. CReaper210 CReaper210 New Member

    Can anyone comment on the performance of the Xbox One version? Like, how often does it drop frames now and is it like below 20fps when it does? I'm debating between getting the PC or Xbox One version. I'd really prefer to buy on Xbox One so I can play some coop with friends + get some achievements, but if it still runs bad, I'll just go for the PC version instead.
  18. AmbientMalice AmbientMalice Member

    Yea, the naming schemes don't seem to be quite consistent. Dambuster referred to the patch as "2.0" while it was in development. And then they called it "Performance Patch".

    Hopefully they'll release a hotfix patch. The current workaround is to disable CPU hyperthreading.

    The root of the problem is the new and improved save system. Save pausing is heavily reduced, but for some reason, i7 CPUs with hyper threading enabled malfunction midway through.

    If you're lucky, Digital Foundry will do a video analysing XBO/PS4 performance with the new patch. I haven't been able to find any XBO footage, unfortunately. (PS4 footage is easier to come by, and from what I've seen, there have been significant improvements. In the intro sequence, 1.06 drops to 17fps, while the new patch stays at 30 during the same sequence.)

    Up until version 1.06, XBO had a clear performance lead, but there's no way of knowing whether that extends to Version 1.08/2.0 or whatever they want to call it.
  19. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

    Hey Craig I'm living the new update its awesome I'm really loving the ranking up system super smooth frame rate awesome new maps now we need co-op in the single player campaign or 8 vs 8 USA vs KPA or something like capture the flag great update great job
  20. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

    Hey Craig great game great patch can wait to see what's next I hope it's co-op single player campaign or 8 vs 8 USA vs KPA or more game modes more guns this game has great potential

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