1. Bah Bah Member

    Wow, i am more appauled. I decided to try co-op. I thought it was going to be dynamic play as in campagin with random generated tasks. But it is linear!!?? And only like 5 missions? I can play max 2 times a mission then it becomes too boring.

    What the hell? There is no free roam at all anywhere in this game! The whole game is linear and co-op does not even have much players. This game will die fast if nothing is done to increase longevity and the only way is free roam. Most players probably like to play solo at their own pace and leisure anyway.

    Dambusters, how can you be so ignorant and not consider replayvalue of a game? You make the whole game linear?

    When i just played Co-op after not touching the game after finishing campaign, i again am reminded of how interesting and good this game is and yet it lacks any further interest to play due to being linear. This game has great potential and perhaps is too good for you, because you dont seem to understand what players want and what is needed to keep a game interesting a long time?

    Then why dont you do like Alex Quick. creator of Killing Floor, and sell the game to Tripwire Interactive? They just made some small changes to the game during 3 months and then rereleased the game into being a cashcow...they got a lot of sales from it. Alex Quick made a mistake selling it thinking it was a looser...he designed it but did not understand what players want.

    As a gamer i will give you advice..some repeated.

    1. Have free roam in single player where 1-3 other players can join midgame and with a system that randomly generates tasks...you have that already in single player. Co-Op was unneccessary and becomes boring fast with linear play, as with campaign. This join mid-game already existed in Dead Island-games and then Dying Light. You should have known!?

    2. Have MP with 8 vs 8...US vs KPA. Since your "maps" or areas are big it would be good to have strongholds that either team defend or attack till last man is dead in either team..no timelimit. Looking for enemies in big areas and not finding after a short moment will be boring and tideous...that is why MP with sniper fast becomes boring..like in e.g. Sniper 3. Many leave server fast.... Wonder why?

    Some ideas to make game more popular and thus sell more....better for you. Right?
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  2. Bah Bah Member

    Also...do you know how contraproduktive Co-Cop can be?

    During a session it happened several times, sometimes up to 5 times, that the same mission is stopped midgame due to migrating host. Who want to restart same mission so many times? Players ragequit...i do to.
  3. GkFX GkFX New Member

    i went to download this game in my PC
  4. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

    Hey Craig love the game what's the future of Homefront will there be another one coming out in a couple years are y'all going to add Co-op to the single player campaign when will the new DLC content drop the 2.0 update will the frame rate be at 60 frames per second
  5. chip_x chip_x New Member

    Hello, from where the download 1.0.6 patch for PC?
  6. Monkeyman1188 Monkeyman1188 New Member

    It's nice to see people wanting extra things for after their completion, but can you make it actually completable, my game is broken and no matter what I try it won't work.
    The load segment between ashgate yellow zone and Lombard red zone is not working. Goes error every time.
    It's at 95.9%, right after you try to destroy an airship with your Sam missiles and then get gassed. You're heading to the red zone through the tunnel to check on the other missile Sam sites. Once you go to load the tunnel, that's when it goes error.
  7. AntonioR AntonioR New Member

    I can't play the game I'm at the ending of the game and you need to fast travel to a different location and then the loading screen just freezes and the game shuts down. Please fix this:(
  8. TheRebel TheRebel New Member

    Can we not have a Story mode Coop?

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