1. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    We are excited to announce that the first of two new missions will be joining Resistance Mode today!

    “Three Birds” and “Triage” will be added today in patch 1.06 on all platforms, which will also see other fixes and improvements as part of our continuous post-launch support. And as promised, these and all future Resistance Mode missions will be available to everyone for free.

    Full Patch 1.06 Notes:
    - Resistance Mode Map Pack #1 - 2 new missions, titled "Triage" & "Three Birds" are included
    - Fix for missing map icons in Ashgate
    - Fix for a vehicle blocking the SAM launcher convoy
    - Performance optimisation on the mini map
    - Save stall optimisation
    - Autosave disabled on revive
    - Animation performance optimisation
    - Lighting optimisation
    - Vehicle creation optimisation
    - General bug fixes in Resistance Mode
    - [PC] Fix for multiple binded keys being changed
    - [Xbox One] Achievement fix for 'Oh A Piece of Candy'

    Three Birds

    The KPA are using their Duster drones as weapons of terror against the civilian population. We have to show people the Resistance can protect them. We believe the Dusters are operating out of Elmtree, we need to find them and destroy them.



    Resistance hospitals are in desperate need of medical supplies. Your team is being sent to rendezvous with the Eagles in enemy territory and recover supplies, just don’t expect the KPA to stand by while you do it.

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  2. SkullBob SkullBob New Member

    Thank you for this update. I noticed, earlier, you put patch notes on the PS4 & Xbox One support pages so I have been waiting for this post.

    It is brilliant to see the ongoing, and continued, support from you guys. Personally, despite buying the Goliath edition at launch, I have decided to hold back from playing the game until the issues were fixed. The frame rate was a big killer for me as it made it too difficult to control and the bugs look like they have all been squished (Or at least you are getting close).

    So thank you for the support and I will be trying the game again once I get home tonight.

    Brilliant work and I look forward to whats next to come... most importantly the Season Pass content.

    - MjA -
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  3. Bah Bah Member

    Hmm... I have not played the game since i finished campaign, So, you still have not enabled free roam keeping all upgrades, etc. after finishing campaign? I paid money for the game, 50 euro, and also want to play some more at leisure...in free roam. I bet this will come with next patch, then!? I am still hyped about this game, you know! Do it justice!

    PS! Players who only look forward to new content belittles this game´s true expected nature. And that is to be an awesome free roam game that current and new players will want to enjoy for years. Any game that is linear will fade quickly and in sales as well...except those with competitive MP, but this market is also exclusive to some titles alone. Actually, i have never ever played a game twice that is linear and i have played games since Super Nintendo. It is too boring... I would rather play Plants vs Zombies on PC then..as an example.
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  4. SkullBob SkullBob New Member

    Could you please clarify what you mean here. You start by saying that the first of two new missions will be added today... and then immediately go on to explain two missions that will be added today.

    Thank you

    - MjA -
  5. xXdanteXx xXdanteXx New Member

    and what is with the inside job trophy? the trophy is still buged.
  6. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    @DSDBCraig Really liking this update. These missions are longer and a lot of fun. I also noticed a menu and weapon upgrade system improvement. Focusing on upgrading a single gun is far more worth it now to get more ammo, higher damage, etc. Without a doubt my favorite patch so far!
  7. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    I believe he meant as in the first DLC drops today, not as in only one mission is dropping today.
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  8. Dead1yDerri Dead1yDerri New Member

    Is the framerate better on PS4 yet?
  9. ryuuten667 ryuuten667 New Member

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  10. ghstbstr ghstbstr New Member

    I hope so, because I haven't played this game since that issue happened and I won't again until it is fixed.
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  11. AppleFeet AppleFeet New Member

    NOPE not fixed ..... After almost 2 months after release .... STILL NOT fixed .. just installed the 2.6 gig update

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  12. ryuuten667 ryuuten667 New Member

  13. WhySoSerious WhySoSerious New Member

    Messages bug is also not fixed. The messages icon stays in the screen. I read all messages but is still listing as:
    Parrish [1]
    More [2]

    Saving still hangs and sucks alot. Frame rate is finaly much better.
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  14. hahagotosleep hahagotosleep New Member

    @DSDBCraig, it would be awesome if A. We could put more points into skills. B. It was easier for friends to join (it takes a bunch of tries for them to join squad). And C. More maps and less server lag! Any word on if you guys will be doing these things? It would be awesome if you did! Thanks for the patch and new maps!
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  15. Bah Bah Member

    This is getting very frustrating. Everyday i check this forum for news from devs that free roam will be available in the next upcomincg patch and that it will be soon. I only played this game the first week i bought it and havent touched it since. This is damn aggrevating. I look and wait for news a dozen times a day. I am this hyped about playing free roam with this game. I cant wait!!!!!!!!!! Please, devs, make it happen as this was what i expected with an open world game anyway when i bought it. I am damn hyperventilating soon......
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  16. AK_247 AK_247 New Member

  17. AK_247 AK_247 New Member

  18. AK_247 AK_247 New Member

    Yep it sure is....
  19. Minny Minny New Member

    Hi, Im probably not in the right place, but I completed Homefront today but I did not get the achievement for it!! How will this be rectified?
    Sorry to jump onto ur thread :)
  20. WhySoSerious WhySoSerious New Member

    Downloading patch update - 1.07 now on PS4. Are there any patch notes?

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