1. riciloma riciloma New Member

    I've been trying to complete the liberation of this outpost, but somehow two of the snipers hid behind cover and were unreachable with normal sniper rifle shots, even if they were kind of visible (I'm playing on Normal difficulty). They wouldn't even pop out of cover.
    Their building were the two at South-East, one in the highest tower (which is also the place of another Hideout) and the other one has a white and red banner on the side.

    Here's a video.

    After further trying, I've managed to kill them by shooting near them with the Rocket Launcher, but somehow the Sniper Kill didn't register, and the Outpost still tells me that I need to kill the two remaining snipers.

    I've tried a hard reset of the console, and to leave and re-enter the zone, even tried to complete the game and then reload a previous save, but it doesn't work.

    Is this fixable with another method, or should I wait for a patch?
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  2. Petja Mihelj Petja Mihelj New Member

    I have the same problem with the snipers in this mission. I killed all but the game says 3/6.

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