1. Racingmonster Racingmonster New Member

    Does anyone think we will have a little flashback to the old homefront crew? I think we will and it will be in the beginning when someone says "They thought the Golden Gate bridge was the turning point"..."but they were wrong."
  2. vr6pimp vr6pimp Guest


    I'm a homefront OG lol. I remember hearing that before they launched this game that the original servers would be brought back up so we had something to play until the release. I speculate this will not happen, but damn do I wish. Preorder the game and get the original homefront free. Ofc it would have to be added to the backwards compatability list for xbone. But they would probably shut them down again after the revolution launches.

    I've beat the campaign over 100 times :) How many times did you? and do you still play it from time to time?
    Toss me a msg on live if that's your prefered system. Always looking for fresh OGs to play with
  3. xninjagrrl xninjagrrl New Member

    I would love for the original Homefront's mp to be brought over to XB1. I know it was cheap as fuh but I was a 5 star threat with that drone.
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  4. TransAm1999 TransAm1999 New Member

    Unfortunately it's never gonna happen. The original Homefront was not purchased with the franchise. The way I understand it, they would have to do a complete rework to bring the original Homefront online again. I wish I was wrong I loved it even with all the glitches. Made many friends playing it and some still play together on the 360.
  5. PKThundah PKThundah New Member

    Remaster it. ;). CryEngine, re-done sound, price it at $20 or $10 even, etc. After all, it would be a well-deserved gift to compensate for The Revolution. :)
  6. dookiebooty dookiebooty New Member

    The original homefront was one of the most spectacular MP games. even now i long for Battle points to buy rockets launchers, armored drones and the occasional heli to wipe the enemie off the map. Battlefield comes close, but it never satisfied my need to send in robots to do the fighting while i laid prone under garbage
  7. freedom1 freedom1 New Member

    will you be making another homefront game in the future.

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