I really don't think the forums are being monitored anymore, for months I have been asking questions along with many others, the only official post made by staff are on the Official Announcements page the last post I saw from a moderator was back in March, I'm not being a bitter gamer but I think this game has been abandoned to be honest, the lack of anything from staff has been below average. I have tried contacting them through social media to but no response, I hope you have better luck than the rest of the members in the forums.
  2. Redempsyn Redempsyn New Member

    Hey TVVITCH83,
    Thanks for the reply. It's a pity that such a fun, in my opinion, has lost support so quickly. Could you imagine it any of the other A rated games had their support dropped this quickly? Does anyone have any idea what recourse we have at this point?
  3. TVVITCH83 TVVITCH83 Guest

    I'm really not sure what we can do as you can see from the forums there are a lot of people experiencing all sorts of problems but as there is literally no communication from staff people are becoming very bitter, its a real shame because the game has so much potential. Personally I'm not holding out for much luck.
  4. Rebelproud1986 Rebelproud1986 New Member

    My Xbox one gamer tag is rebelproud1986, im having the same issue as everyone else here, can't fine online games? Is it because it's new does it need a patch? HELP!!! I've finished campaign still wanting to play!
  5. Truk Truk New Member

    This "No sessions found" thing has pissed me off BAD. 5 days with only ONE game, and that was with ONE other gamer. I love resistance mode, campaign, meh. I do play with my cousins but when they're not on and i want to join a random match im SOL. I'm sure the devs or techs say they're working on it, but im skeptical on that. Every other MP game i have no trouble dropping in a random match until this. Is it really that crazy of a fix? If so then damn, go chat with other successful MP devs, im sure they'd give some tips. Also I've seen many people say they've had no trouble finding games, how I dont know. My Internet is high speed direct link and last I checked it was doing just fine. Anyway, everytime i see "No session found' I imagine myself hulk smashing my fucking ps4 lol. Shits getting old. BTW PSN: N8IVE_PRIDE68
  6. Sniper1H14 Sniper1H14 New Member

    Hi everyone, i have same issue here but still who wants to play homefront the revolution resistance mode add me as friend.
    My PAN ID: Sniper1H14
  7. Kabb4g3 Kabb4g3 New Member

    "HIGH LEVEL PLAYER ... no longer finds games." This is because
    of the matchmaking. Creating a character that I will NEVER
    LEVEL up fixes this; at least this fixed it for me. The code
    searches for players at same level (1), then by Guerilla score (2),
    and then by difficulty of map (3). If players are playing on a HARD server
    but are all Recruits, then you do not fit in with your veteran player.
    If players are playing on EASY, but are all Recruits, then the result is
    the same. But, if you are at the lowest level; then the matchmaking will
    place you in ANY match closest to your player statstics, which in this
    case of a newly created character is; ANY.

    ** PC Tested ONLY **

    1] Create a new character.
    2] Find a match using the newly created character;
    - Seetings: MAP=ANY \\ DIFFICULY=ANY
    3] Let the system auto-match your character.

    * Because you are using a "lower" level character,
    the system will match you with players like you
    and above. This means that ALL games available
    you are eligable for.

    4] Once in the lobby, then go to character settings.
    5] Locate the higher level character you desire to play.
    6] Return to lobby screen, and get gaming.

    !] You may find matches that are already in progress.
    This is ok; just play the match and then at the next round
    follow steps 4-6.

    Hope this works for you!

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