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    My opinion? I think there will be. If Deep Silver decided that continuing the Homefront franchise was going to be a bad investment then I doubt they would have had Dambuster release HDR support for Homefront: The Revolution on the Xbox One X. That tells me that Deep Silver wants to make at least one more Homefront. Speaking of HDR support, congrats on Dambuster in making HTR rated one of the best looking games on the Xbox One X!

    When looking at how much the HTR was plagued from a complete startover in development to multiple ownership changes and to a complete dev transition where Crytek UK transitioned to Deep Silver and became Dambuster Studios where the team lost most of their devs, it's obvious that HTR could have been far better if it didn't experience all these development woes.

    HTR's poor release was obviously taken very critically in the community, and what game wouldn't? When a game is released, gamers don't really care why it was released poorly but just that it was released poorly. Some can come to better understandings. The fact that this dev team despite all these setbacks was able to release HTR and then continue to update it with bug fixes and DLC content is astounding.

    I had been following the game's development since news first broke out that THQ was bringing in Crytek UK to make Homefront 2. The initial HTR reveal trailer was the most hyped I've ever been. So the message Zala left at the beginning of the credits made me cry. The effort this team put into HTR is what gives me hope they can easily make a game of the year.

    And speaking of the credits, Zala left us with this message: "Finally for all of you that have enjoyed playing this game, I promise you - this is just the beginning!" If that's not the biggest sign that a Homefront 3 is in the making, then I don't know what is.

    When will we get an H3? HTR released in May 17, 2016. It depends on how much time and effort Deep Silver wants to put into an H3. I suspect that H3 is on a 3 year cycle. I see us getting a reveal at E3 2018 or just prior as HTR was. I then suspect an early to mid 2019 release date.

    What will H3 be like? I think the team saw a need for competitive PvP multiplayer. Many players bought the game expecting it to have PVP and instantly returned it once they saw it didn't have it. I saw it throughout social media where players were complaining of no PVP and were wanting one to be added. With a suspected 3 year cycle, I think they can fit in a PVP. I think the campaign may be a mix of open world and linear.
    ***********Spoiler Alert*****************
    The final cut scene of Beyond the Walls DLC left off with a UN invasion of the KPA occupied US. If it follows the fight between the UN and the KPA then I think it will be linear. If it follows the resistance, I think we'll play as Ben Walker in an open world. I think it will be mixed because I see us playing as Ben Walker working with the UN forces so I see a mix of linear battles and open world environments. The UN vs KPA is what leads me the most that H3 will have a PVP mode. HTR was said not to have PVP because it didn't fit the theme of the campaign with you fighting a much more powerful and technologically advanced occupiers. UN vs KPA sounds like a much more PVP theme.

    But will the PVP be like the original Homefront or just a small 6v6 type respawn modes such as Call of Duty? I would obviously hope for it to be modeled after the original. It's still by far my favorite multiplayer of all time. It offered a great mixture of Battlefield and Call of Duty where you had large PVP battles with vehicles where you earned equipment, airstrikes, and vehicles by earning score. It was Battlefield where the good players were rewarded. I think an OH styled multiplayer would also draw the most interest from the community. If H3 does get a reveal at E3 2018, I think it could be the biggest surprise of the year if done right, and I have all the faith that the efforts of this dev team as seen in HTR won't be done for nothing.

    TL,DR: HTR's HDR support for Xbox One X and Zala's message in the HTR credits leads me to believe that an H3 is in the working. I think it will be open world with you playing as Ben Walker aiding the UN invasion of KPA occupied America. I think the dev team saw the need for a PVP multiplayer and that one is in the making in H3, hopefully modeled after the original Homefront.

    I hope I'm not the only one that still monitors these forums and that this paragraph wasn't written for naught.
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    What about Homefront 3 based in Europe? London, Amsterdam, etc. I thought about Paris, but lot of games are choosing this city, so another city in Europe or what about small villages in an open world type of game?

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