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  1. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios


    The first single player DLC for Homefront: The Revolution is out now. The Voice Of Freedom is available on PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store and Steam. Also coming later this week, new outfits for Resistance Mode.

    The Voice of Freedom

    You are Benjamin Walker, hero of the Resistance and the most wanted man in America. Now you are risking everything to infiltrate Philadelphia and ignite a revolution that will sweep the KPA out of America on a tide of bloody vengeance.

    If you fail all hope for freedom is surely lost...

    - Play as Benjamin Walker and take part in a dangerous mission to enter Philadelphia under cover of darkness
    - Meet up with Jack Parish’s Resistance Cell before the events of Homefront: The Revolution.
    - Encounter a new, dangerous faction in the subways of Philadelphia – the notorious street gang, the “90”.

    The Voice of Freedom is free to all holders of the Homefront Expansion Pass, and available to purchase separately.

    Players returning to Homefront: The Revolution will also find that the recent ‘Performance Patch’ has massively improved the overall experience.


    Xbox One:


    New Outfits – Resistance Mode

    Arriving this Friday, head into Resistance Mode for new outfits to look the part fighting the KPA! Included this week, you will find:

    • Urban Combat Outfit
    • Black and White mask
    • Gunshot Mask
    • Cobweb Mask​

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  2. Jfen9696 Jfen9696 New Member

    Dude seriously when are you guys going to fix the not so great escape bug for PS4. You ain't got to lie Craig.
  3. Cristo Cristo New Member

    So just played through the new DLC, very nicely put together, but what I was expecting to be a good hour or two of additional single player campaign, turned out to be nothing more than 45mins on hard

    What happened to this promise, "The first single-player DLC release will be the Voice of Freedom and Aftermath. Each will add new districts and “several hours of original content” which adds to the 30-hour campaign. Both are slated for release this year"

    Don't get me wrong I really do like the game, but several hours does not translate to shy of an hour.
  4. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    Really enjoyed it. It was really well put together. The moments in the tunnels gave me huge Metro vibes. Awesome playing as Walker, and the final cut scene was amazing. It was shorter than what I was expecting, but it was a lot of fun. I've already restarted right before the cut scene multiple times to watch it again. Had to get back into Deathwish mode lol. Tried to go straight into it and died multiple times straight off the bat, but I got the hang of it.
  5. JHStarr4 JHStarr4 New Member

    For me on PS4, I have the game and season pass all of the preorder bonuses and season pass stuff but the dlc is still $5.99 , DSDBCraig, could you help me with this, if so you can email me at
  6. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    I don't have a PS4, just an Xbox One, but the way you download it on the Xbox is by going to My Games & Apps and then going to Ready to Install, and that's where I found it. I don't know if PS4 has that menu or something similar. If there's any Ready to Install type menu or a Manage Game menu where you can see all the downloadable content or content that is ready to be installed then go check it out. Hope this helps.
  7. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

    Hey Craig okay I have the expansion pass and I can't download the game I have to pay $5.99
  8. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    What platform do you play? If you play on Xbox One, just go to My Games & Apps and then to Ready to Install, and it should be there. If not, then go Manage Game by hitting start in the Homefront: The Revolution icon and then scroll down or by going to My Games & Apps and then click start on Homefront: The Revolution. Once your in the Manage Game section, then go over to the left and scroll down to Ready to Install.

    If you're on Playstation 4 or PC, then I'm not sure what you would have to do, but I hope this helps in some way.
  9. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    If you own the Expansion Pass and are experiencing troubles trying to find and download The Voice of Freedom campaign DLC, please refer to what platform you are having troubles with. I only have the game for Xbox One so that's what I can help you with.
  10. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

  11. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    Then there's not much I can help you with. All I can do is recommend any type of Ready to Install menu or Manage Game menu and see if it's there to download because that's how it works with the Xbox One, sorry.
  12. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    Hey folks,

    I'll be jumping on this now - Let me get the ball rolling with the right people to check this over.

  13. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

    Hey Craig I have the expansion pass but I had to pay $5.99 great dlc but it's just too short online multiplayer maps need to be like this but longer can't wait for Aftermath dlc
  14. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    Hey guys, just an update - I'm sensing this issue is US related (please shout up if you're getting it and not from the US).

    Naturally, we have been waiting for the US team to wake up and it's being looked into with utmost urgency alongside Sony US. I have nothing to share currently but please bear with us and hopefully it doesn't take too long. Could be tomorrow though.

    If i hear anything in the mean time though, i'll keep this thread updated.
  15. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

    Hey Craig I already buy the dlc so
    Hey Craig I already spent my money on it so now what
  16. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    Hey all,

    I'm being told this issue should no be resolved. Can you let me know if it isn't please.

    Your best course of action is to get in touch with Sony and express to them that you already own the Expansion Pass but purchased the DLC in error due to an issue with content on the store.

    They should be able to advise you from there. Please keep me updated on the progress though as i want to make sure your issue get's resolved.
  17. TransAm1999 TransAm1999 New Member

    On the Xbox One it was there and "Ready to Install". No problem on this end. DLC was good.... a little short but good
  18. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

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  19. RNO411 RNO411 New Member

    Loving it! Great job guys! Looking forward to upcoming DLCs!
  20. Juztbecauze Juztbecauze New Member

    So just played the first dlc congratulations on the FAILURE. The base game I really enjoyed and after the first
    single player dlc was too light on substance I won't be wasting any more money on this franchise. Congratulations you fooled me once but it won't happen again, so much potential but yet so much FAIL.
    Delete my account, I'm out.
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