1. MrFalcon MrFalcon New Member

    IMPORTANT!!!! Its Work in progress.

    Single Player Mode/Campaign

    What need to be changed:

    -Give Brady voice, mean really its look totally dumb that everyone talk a lot but Brady is speechless.

    -Motorbike is fine but driving it just horrible, maybe redesign a little bit maps to make it more comfortable.

    -Make maps/zone bigger(explain it further below).

    -Make more resistance stashes and change their locations.

    -Change slide animation, when we do it Brady look like he slipped on ice(look on Far Cry 2-4 slide animation and others to). added February 28, 2017

    -More NPC face variants. added February 28, 2017

    What need to be removed:

    This whole Return to mission area and Proces to next objective it look really ridiculous on sandbox game.(from both Campaign and Resistance Mode)

    -Stashes and bike stashes location on map, it will be more satisfying to find them by yourself than mark it on map and go to place,imho like Far Cry 2 briefcase with diamonds. added November 2,2017


    Red Zones:

    -Put The Voice of Freedom broadcasts in more reliable places, you know instead of empty top of building in places where civilians can listen to them(in this case on both RZ and YZ)and gather around them and comment on what they heard from it. added October 25, 2017

    -Remove Hearts&Minds; added February 28, 2017

    -Also I think it will be good idea if KPA forces will spawn on Red Zones even due the fact we take it back, of course with lower frequency. added February 28, 2017

    Yellow Zones; added November 2,2017:

    -Reduce number of KPA patrols, like for there is to many of them and also civilans are to frightened to do anything against KPA.

    -Get rid off infinite KPA spawn when player cause alarm its immersion braking, but it could made this way if alarm will be initiated KPA didn't spawn but soldiers from nearest area will enter into action, also if player eleminete KPA soldiers then APC/ helicopter will show up and drop another group of KPA soldiers, I think that time when APC/ helicopter apper shuld be random, you know its need time to reach area where fight goes on.


    -After few hours this whole weapon conversion system is ridicules like for me, but I understand you want make something different than Crytec , but somehow prefer more just have a choice with which weapon I stick during gameplay.

    -I thing it will better if each weapon will have individual attachments set, which need to buy separately for each weapon.(like in Resistance Mode)

    -Some gameplay flaw to me was that we can loot ammo from KPA corpses, because as we know KPA uses hi-tech weapons and resistance use homemade weapons, as we know both sides use completely different ammo types and this look just dumb.(have few ideas how change it)

    1)Make zones bigger so can put more resistance stashes.

    2)Make that resistance members gives ammo(but make this way what that kind of weapon resistance member have then he gives you proper kind of of ammunition).

    3)Put 90 Gang on main game.

    4)We can get from killed KPA soldiers money, crafting materials, valuable.
    added November 2,2017

    -Also I thing that will be better if players will be able to put favorite weapons in each available slot(including pistol/SMG slot). added March 9, 2017

    Health System:

    -Its fine, but why health regenerate I dont say its wrong but whole? Better will be if only shorter bar regenerate.

    KPA Spawn\Despawn System added February 28, 2017 :

    Lets face it sucks, mean by that I frequently saw how soldiers, drones, resitence members come out from nowhere or just literally vanished in front of me. Im don’t write this to criticize you guys but to give some idea how change for better.

    -Make all these soldiers, drones, vehicles, resistance members spawn out of player sight ( for example; behind the building) and despawn them with same way, being more precisely make this system more “thinking” or to make it more easier completely remove radar from game* and only make resistance members/KPA forces spawn/despawn out of player sight.

    -Also Lombard RZ have its own messed up spawns, it's gassed zone where walking without gas mask is deadly and saw many times resistance members and KPA without protecion just walking around, also snipers and heavy soldiers should have to protecting suits. added November 2,2017

    *Make phone work like on early HF:TR development stage:

    Looting valuables&crafting parts, added October 25, 2017:

    -Like for me both valuables&crafting parts should be difficult to get(read this this way that resistence or KPA already got moast of it)

    -Also make is this way that sometimes places where we can find some valuables&crafting parts are empty(like on Dying Light where on same places once we found something but next time everything could be empty, random content system).

    A. I. Behavior added March 9, 2017:

    Resitence Members:

    -Make sniper more deadly one shot one kill or make resistance sniper act like KPA which can kill with two well placed shoots , saw many times how resitence sniper shots 5 times and enemy still walk. added October 25, 2017

    KPA Soldiers:

    Day&night cycle added March 9, 2017:

    -Make day&night longer, maybe each by real time 5hours.

    -Put on Strongholds bunk beds on which player can sleep to specific hour(set clock alarm on phone), on smaller strike points put mattresses but with animation how Brady puts himself on the bed/mattress added October 25, 2017

    Resistance tool kit added March 9, 2017:

    -I think it will be better if players will be able to carry only 4 instead 16 from Resistance tool kit.

    -Remove all RC with attachments(pipebomb, molotov, distraction device, hacktool) and replace it with combining system(like on early E3 gameplay) added October 25, 2017

    Resistance Mode:

    KPA Spawn added February 28, 2017 :

    -Instead spawn them when players are around, spawn KPA forces before mission start.

    -Make KPA spawn random like on campaign( mean each time will be different enemy placement, different soldiers types), then coop missions will have more replayibility.


    -With this one like for me be better if player can get all skills with option to finalize each skill tree separately(in case if player want specific skills, like me anyway). added October 25, 2017

    Character Level added November 2,2017:

    -With this I have only one wish, make it higher.

    Other: added November 2,2017:

    -It will be cool if it will be possible to set weather type and time of day when chose mission and difficulty level.

    -Also will cool if be possible to make coop character look like resitence members from campain with separate clothes for male and female.

    -Also it will be better if coop sesion can be started by 1 player than with 2.

    What need to fix:
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  2. Domayv Domayv New Member

    Personally, what I'd like to see is a remastered edition of the first Homefront game. This edition would include a retold and expanded campaign mode of the original, and an expanded multiplayer. I would like to call this Homefront: Definitive Edition.

    Campaign details
    * It will be released in an episodic format, like Hitman 2016 or the Telltale games.
    * The default episode is called Guerilla, and it is a retold version of the campaign mode of the first game.
    * Other episodes (WIP):
    ** The Fall (focuses on the beginning of the war in 2025, where you play as a US Army soldier fighting off the invading KPA)
    ** Danza de los Muertos (focuses on the skirmishes between the Resistance and KPA alongside the US-Mexico Border)

    I kind of like the weapon conversion system idea, since it shows that the Resistance had to make with what they have.

    They could do it either like Battlefield, where health regenerates extremely slowly, or do it like Wolfenstein: The New Order where health recharges only to a certain extent based on percentage. This would make much more necessary a medic type class or something.
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  3. MrFalcon MrFalcon New Member

    Like for me Resistence feel is make by weapons design(which look like was made from scrap-metal), Hit'n'Run tactics, homemade diversion tools, but weapon conversion? No, like for me its fit more to KPA.

    If such a system work on FC2 then it will work with HFTR to.
  4. Domayv Domayv New Member

    what could they do then?
  5. MrFalcon MrFalcon New Member

    What you mean by that?
    Sorry, but I don't get what you mean here.
  6. Domayv Domayv New Member

    I'm talking about what the Resistance weapons can be instead of convertible weapons as you say that convertible weapons are more appropriate for the KPA
  7. MrFalcon MrFalcon New Member

    I mean that to make such weapons is needed technical background(resistance have it? No.) also there is needed financial assistance(again, resistance have it? No.) but KPA have both technical background and financial assistance so answer is obvious.
  8. Domayv Domayv New Member

    so what's your idea on the Resistance weapons then....
  9. MrFalcon MrFalcon New Member

    I don't have idea for this because some weapons use by resistance already look like was made from scrap( RPG, crossbow and its variants), rest look like normal but they were obtained from smuggling.
    And this is how I see this case.
  10. Domayv Domayv New Member

    It's probably gonna be the best case: smuggled weapons and makeshift weapons
  11. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    Would love to see that. We've been told that certain parts of the original Homefront still took place. I think it's a necessity to go back and retell it. Then maybe have a DLC expansion that retells Homefront: The Voice of Freedom. I really want to know if Wilcox and Walker's child are still canon. I was expecting the reason why Walker became a traitor in The Revolution was because the KPA captured Wilcox and the child and was blackmailing Walker.
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  12. Domayv Domayv New Member

    The main obstacle would be trying to get the original game's assets (and it has to be the exact iteration of the UE3), as they've been juggled all over the place so who knows who has them. This would mean that new assets would have to be made from scratch. Also, a new studio would need to be established, and it has to be one whose members have experience making games similar to this (I'm thinking of an LA studio consisting of members who previously worked at the likes of Infinity Ward, Naughty Dog, Insomiac Games and Treyarch)

    The Voice of Freedom and The Revolution take place in their own timelines though. Maybe Definitive Edition can include elements of both timelines (mainly the original game's timeline though)
  13. TheUndercoverDev TheUndercoverDev Active Member

    Deep Silver currently owns the Homefront IP. THQ has possession of all of Homefront's assets. They gave those assets to Dambuster (formerly Crytek UK at the time who previously worked on the multiplayer of the Crysis games) to develop a direct sequel to the original Homefront with the same linear styled campaign and large scale competitive, PvP multiplayer. Crytek then went bankrupt and had to lay off some teams and Crytek UK got the short end of the stick. The Homefront IP, its assets, and Crytek UK were all sent to Deep Silver. The development transition between going from Crytek UK and Dambuster Studios caused HTR's development to halt for a few months. Deep Silver has the assets. Because Dambuster was the multiplayer designers of Crysis's multiplayer, I don't see why they couldn't develop a HTR sequel involving a PvP multiplayer.

    Not a direct remake, but a reimagined really. We do know that some of the events of the original Homefront still happened from some of the things that the devs have told us. That's why a reimagined Homefront story to fit the the reboot's timeline.

    From the Aftermath DLC, we know that Walker turned simply because he was getting blackmailed through the killing of American citizens and not because they were blackmailing him through Wilcox and their child. I feel that was a missed opportunity by the writers. And they could have built on that also. For example, you rescued Walker, and then he reveals that they have Wilcox and the child and that the KPA were going to kill them if he tried to escape or if someone rescued him. Then that DLC could have continued with you and Walker having to quickly go and rescue them. Could have been a lot of added tension with it being two people that Walker truly loves instead of random American citizens that we have no attachment to.

    I would really like to get on with Dambuster after I get my Bachelor's in Game Design and Development for that reason of involving more of the events and people of the original timeline with the reboot timeline. I've also been pondering about writing a fiction book series.

    I'm a maladaptive daydreamer which is basically obsessive daydreaming usually centered around a whole nother reality. I've had a story that I've been dreaming of since I was 8. Setting takes place in very far but modern future. Technology has advanced with space travel and colonized planet, but the weapons, gear, and combat that is used is all extremely modern: no weird giant energy beam rifles, no jetpacks and wallrunning, just simple boots on the ground combat. I think that's what a lot of futuristic games do. They try to do too much. They try to make really futuristic tech with new movement, and it just doesn't work a lot of times: take Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, and Infinite Warfare as an example. Black Ops 2 was loved even though it was in the future because it wasn't too extreme. But then they added all the futuristic movement which turned those away. Don't get me wrong, I love CoD and although I didn't enjoy AW or BO3, I'm honestly really liking IW with the Tactical Team Deathmatch mode. Though the campaign was pretty amazing as well. I think I got off topic lol, sorry.
  14. Domayv Domayv New Member

    Crytek UK/Dambuster isn't exactly the best in PvP multiplayer though, hence why I'm thinking of a new studio to handle the PvP (It would be kinda funny if Deep Silver manages to establish a new studio from former EA DICE members).

    That is something what I'm thinking of (though my idea of the timeline would be a hybrid between the original and The Revolution's). Perhaps the imagined Definitive Edition can go meta by referring to the original game's campaign as "Pilot Episode" :).
  15. MrFalcon MrFalcon New Member

    Make smal update.
    @TheUndercoverDev ,you go comepletly off topic, I focused more on gameplay because for me story on both Homefront's is atbest not that bad or more nothing special.

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