1. knighthawk3759 knighthawk3759 New Member

    digital edition freedom fighter edition, revolutionary spirit pack listed as pre ordered after download.

    why am I seeing some people are getting it fixed and most of us are not?
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  2. IronSnake IronSnake New Member

    Version: Physical
    DLC item: Revolutionary Spirit Pack
    What happens: DLC installs on XB1 but doesn't unlock content in-game

    I read in the edits of the first message of this thread and unfortunately, after having reinstalled the game 3 times and 5 times the dlc (Revolutionary Spirit Pack) and nothing works. It does not appear in the game.

    I read press LT + RT View Menu dlc that does not even get to run at any time. Puts the date on which I installed it but nothing more.

    Help, I know you can fix it!.


    Many thanks, thanks for so quickly resolve. you're the best !

    For people who still have this problem, contact Craig by MD, to me it's fixed
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  3. Bobadopolis Bobadopolis New Member

    It's been like that for literally everyone nothing is being done about it I have had the game day one and was never able to get all of my pre order crap either it says the same exact thing as what you are reading on mine it's nonsense I still love the game mostly the co-op because it has more potential plus you continue to unlock items and weapons for created characters but campaign is a bust and totally broken...
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  4. Bobadopolis Bobadopolis New Member

    How do you contact this Craig guy because I have not got one piece of my dlc I did however unlock the damn gun and stuff for resistance on my own while playing so I really have no use for it unless I actually want to attempt to play campaign mode which in any case I do not wish to do so and I'm not knocking the game in any way shape or form just wondering how something like this can happen on the devs part and not fixing this problem? I will go on to say I very much so love and enjoy resistance mode no matter how much well resistance and negativity it receives...
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  5. DogRox DogRox Member

    The DLC is not working for me either. It still shows up on the dashboard as pre-ordered. Which is been like that since day one. so I'm assuming it's still not working. Being that I can't go in the game and test it because my game saves are ALL corrupted because of their last patch totally annihilated them. I am not restarting just to test and see if the pre-order DLC is working after two or three months. no sense in it now. The game is still garbage. :(
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  6. DogRox DogRox Member

    I am assuming that he means Craig who always seems to comment on everybody's post saying he is sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with the game but not made one effort to fix it. as I have mentioned before that I've been posting private messages to him since day one and even sent the company emails and he only replied back to them once asking for my access to my account. I don't know how contacting him is actually going to do any good
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  7. knighthawk3759 knighthawk3759 New Member

    how was this resolved for you?
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  8. BMAC BMAC New Member

    Still not fixed. Moving to 2 months in. It's beyond comical the ineptitude of the developers. No response from "Craig" even after he requested we contact him directly for resolution.

    I've contacted the gaming websites. They don't even care to write a piece about how poorly handled this game is. The general public already knows.

    Shame on you. And shame on us for believing in your promises.
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  9. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    We were working with MS on trying to get this fixed, which did for many people. There were some who it didn't fix automatically, so i've been assigning them myself in the backend.

    From your original PM to me, you said that you had already been given the Sniper Rifle and Scope. What are you missing please?
  10. BMAC BMAC New Member


    Thanks for responding. I said I got the marksman rifle and scope through the weapon and attachment crate purchases in game. Because I didn't want to wait ..... Now, two months since release for them. I'm still missing the other parts of the revolutionary spirit pack.... Bike red skull skin and golden pistol skin.

    The bigger question is... What are you guys going to do to make this right for us. I signed into the game and noticed the patch today. So you could take the time to fancy up the hud on resistance mode, but couldn't send your consumers new codes or fix their preorders that funded you from the beginning???

    I would hope some "gift" comes our way for this inexcusable hassle. I (we the gamers) should be enjoying your game. Not posting on here to ensure pre-purchases are honored.

    With all the issues...my entire clan has abandoned this game. Who could blame them? I tried defending you for two months to them... They mocked my "invisible" golden pistol.

    All I can say is... Do right by us...above and beyond the minimum required...and we will do right by you...before it's beyond too late.
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  11. Bobadopolis Bobadopolis New Member

    Well said I as well got the rifle and scope from in game crates as I did not want to wait but today as I started my game back up very much enjoyed what the HUD or Dashboard for weapons upgrades and other tweaks like showing a graph on what abilities you have mostly gone after these little improvements are great and I also noticed the game running smoother but as BMAC has stated I to would like to have my golden gun and bike skin from the spirit add on I have barely touched campaign mode but when I do would enjoy those little additions overall still loving resistance mode especially when I see new content like the Uncle Sam attire ha ha keep it up fellas but at the same time do what's right and keep the fans happy :)
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  12. Bobadopolis Bobadopolis New Member

    I don't believe this is the right place for this but would like to throw this out there never have I seen such impressive and realistic rain in a game not saying other games don't have great weather but in this game it literally amazed me at the detail and I only noticed it when I had to hunker down to use a medical stim and as I was looking down on the concrete it was starting to rain and if you have ever just watched the rain hit a dry pavement and watch it slowly spot up until completely covered in wetness and see it in this game it looks exactly how it does in the real world amazing is all I can say so not everything is bad they have done amazing things with this game it's the littlest things sometimes that make you realize how much attention to detail game devs put into making their dream or game a reality great job guys : }
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  13. DogRox DogRox Member

    Funny thing this morning as I was playing Destiny. I get a pop up on the bottom of my screen saying something about the spirit pack. I have no idea what that was for. Oh well I guess it's not that important now.
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  14. IronSnake IronSnake New Member

    Today my Xbox One notified on Revolutionary Spirit DLC Pack, entering the game I see that I have the skin for motorbike and gun, which was what I needed and I told privately, Craig.

    I'm almost ending the game and chapeau. I like it so much
    Here is a photo with the gun skin
    Screenshot-Original (9).jpg
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  15. Bobadopolis Bobadopolis New Member

    Guy guys guys!!!! It only says you unlocked all of that "DAY ONE" shit because in the xbox store it said it came out on 7/15/16 when the damn game came out roughly 2 months ago it's a sham and bullshit I'm not at all happy it came out and yes it was released finally not fixed please do not confuse those two together I however do still enjoy the game but am not anywhere impressed since my dlc released today!!!!!
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  16. BMAC BMAC New Member

    Yeah. They didn't fix a damn thing. It unlocked because the release date was 7/15/16. So the preorder was worthless. And of course Craig is nowhere to be found. No reply, no code, no season pass, no in game currency, no support, no responsive, no care, no remorse, no effort, no wonder...

    Over 500 friends on my list... Not a one plays the game... And this is why. But I had an issue with Gems Of War.... Yeah, that game, they fixed the in game extra content in less than 24 hours AND gave extra for the trouble. This company makes you think you should feel honored to play their strewn together mess of a game and should be liberally handing over your cash while humbling serving them. Learn a lesson from a match three game. Hell, learn a lesson from ESO. Oh.... I think that was your business model. Ghost town...resistance mode. Can't even find 4 players to link up...

    The joke is over...
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  17. BBIAJ BBIAJ Member

    The joke is ongoing, that being that you believe you're entitled to anything at all, especially the season pass, which is a part of the digital deluxe version only right now.
  18. BMAC BMAC New Member

    In actuality... The most comical aspect of this is you... Clearly a plant by the developers or one of their employees. The other option would be that you simply attempting to win good graces with the incompetent team by defending the game against those of us with legitimate gripes and issues.

    I encourage everyone to click on your name and review your 27 messages. You are cross-platform commenting, touting improvements to the game, offering gamer links to news articles that covered the game, directing other members to news about patches and Dev's relieves, praising the Devs for their candor and responsiveness, and trumpeting a fix they allegedly made for you with the preorder, all while insulting fellow forum members for a lack of forum decorum after you attack Dogrox, myself, and others.

    You my friend, are a sham... You've been exposed as a hack and a fraud. But please, defend your fraudulent disinterested identity. We'd love to listen, but we'd rather wait for the Devs to actually fix the problems.
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  19. BBIAJ BBIAJ Member

    Your post is so full of holes, misplaced and misguided beliefs, and incorrect information, that I don't even know where to start.

    I can assure you (not that you'll believe me), that I am not a plant, either from the developer, or the publisher, just ask any of the official devs or mods, I am merely a fellow gamer, just like yourself.

    Why would I, as you put it, be "attempting to win good graces", what's that going to get me, and why would I want that?

    By all means implore others to read my post history, doesn't bother me. All they will see is that I posted about the pre-order DLC being broken, and again when it fixed (which it did, all of it), in fact, they even went above and beyond that, and enabled game sharing on the season pass, as my partner is able to grab her weekly Resistance mode crate now too. I also passed comment on the devs lack of response, and critiqued another user when they went on a SJW rampage and became all entitled just like you.

    By no means am I a sham, hack, or fraud, but be my guest to present any concrete evidence to the contrary that proves otherwise, I guarantee that nothing of such can be found.

    Have fun waiting for the devs to fix a game which I shall continue to enjoy playing, both online and in single player mode, whilst myself patiently awaiting patch 1.07 for Xbox One.

  20. mhouse777 mhouse777 New Member

    Microsoft just refunded me for Homefront®: The Revolution 'Freedom Fighter' Bundle b/c it would only show up if I was connected to xbox live. If I was offline, it would disappear. I told them that it made no sense that the base game Homefront®: The Revolution I can play offline, but the DLC you cant., and they agreed. So, obviously the problem has evolved to being online only DLC. Not sure if that was intended.

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