1. Kangaru14 Kangaru14 New Member

    Hey guys!

    Back when THQ was going under and the forums for the original Homefront were still around, a bunch of us from that community said that we would meet up again on the new forums, so if any of you have made it here, make yourselves known!

  2. Kingkat54 Kingkat54 New Member

    I was a member of the old forums. Kingkat54 is my name. I really wanted that game to succeed, to be different than the other military shooters. Unfortunately..........................
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  3. Kingkat54 Kingkat54 New Member

    Might be a good idea to have separate forum threads for each of the systems. Not to divide the community, but a place to identify friends to play with. PC and Console players.
  4. Keltic Keltic New Member

    Yup, was on old forums, personally I really liked the campaign, I know a lot of folk hated it but I felt it had a great storyline behind it. Always felt it was a shame the way things went.
  5. Nic727 Nic727 New Member

    On Xbox 360 we can still create our online game right?

    Some people want to play multiplayers?
  6. TransAm1999 TransAm1999 New Member

    Small group still playing the original Homefront. Message NYBADBOY on the 360 ... he usually heads up a good group to play multiplayer. Many times the lobby is full or close to full when I was playing it after the servers shut down. I just got a message from him the other day looking for players. Unfortunately I deleted Homefront off my 360 and don't want to play as a level 1.
  7. scotwolf scotwolf New Member

    hi, i thought the servers had been shut down for homefront, so you can no longer play online and can no longer unlock online multiplayer achievements.
    i enjoyed the campaign and had nearly completed all mp achievements just needed i think 5 wins not sure which ones and a few more helicopter kills, then they closed the servers.
  8. TransAm1999 TransAm1999 New Member

    Servers are shut down. Multiplayer can be played with one user being the host. If I remember correctly up to 16 players can get together and play together.

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