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    is set in the days after the Battle for Philadelphia, when the fledgling rebellion hangs in the balance. The inspirational Resistance figurehead Benjamin Walker has been broken by the KPA, and is now broadcasting counter-revolutionary propaganda for the enemy. Support for the embattled Resistance is ebbing away…

    As Ethan Brady, you have been tasked to assassinate the man once known as the ‘Voice of Freedom’ for the sake of the Revolution. But instead, you will defy orders and embark on a daring rescue mission.

    Aftermath is free to all holders of the Homefront Expansion Pass, and available to purchase separately for $5.99 (regional pricing may vary). It is ready to download now for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC via Steam.

    A new FREE Resistance Mode Mission - Uncle S.A.M. - has also been added as part of this week’s patch, and is available to all players. Your Squad must counter the KPA’s aerial superiority by deploying S.A.M. launchers, then take out their Air Force’s high command in a deadly strike… Any players returning to Homefront: The Revolution will also find that the recent ‘Performance Patch’ has massively improved the overall experience.

    The Revolution has begun and most of Philadelphia is now under Resistance control, but as the fighting intensifies morale is being destroyed by KPA propaganda broadcasts from the captured Resistance leader Walker. Against all odds you must defy orders and attempt to rescue Walker before the Resistance silence him permanently….

    · Play as lone wolf Ethan Brady and defy resistance leadership to liberate Walker from the clutches of the KPA
    · Discover what happened to Walker after his capture and why he is broadcasting against the resistance
    · Cross into new areas of KPA occupied Philadelphia and risk your life for what many believe is a resistance traitor

    Store Links:
    Playstation: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en...math/cid=UP2047-CUSA01012_00-000DLC2AFTERMATH
    Xbox: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/p/aftermath/c4n6g7kvgb65
    Steam: Link will arrive shortly.

    Double XP - This Weekend!
    Plus, alongside the release of our latest Resistance Mode mission, Uncle S.A.M, we will be offering double XP this weekend!

    Take part in any mission between Friday 11th 12:01 PM until Monday 14th 12:01 PM.

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  2. crow1954 crow1954 New Member

    hello craig i hope im not having problems again like i did with voice of freedom i have the season pass and first dlc it said i had to pay but u fixed that on ps store ..this time u say the afermath dlc is available now and its 6.43 pm in canada and it is not in ps store to download ..do they have a problem or ur site hasnt made it to ps store yet .
  3. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    Hi @crow1954 - It can take a little time to settle on the servers. Are you still having issues?
  4. crow1954 crow1954 New Member

    hello craig its 4.45 am thursday 11/10/2016 and i just went to ps4 on the ps store and the dlc aftermath is still not there .... i guess canada is not important enough to have the new stuff on the release date .so disappointed in this game ..
  5. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    This doesn't sound right at all. I'm going to sort this out now as it should have all been available at that same time.
  6. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

    Hey Craig dlc is super sweet so is the new map it's the talk of the town can't wait for beyond the walls will there be homefront 2 or something after this !!!!!
  7. crow1954 crow1954 New Member

    well its thursday 6.38 pm and playstation store still doesnt have the aftermath dlc .that came out yesterday ..so when will i have it ..its probably from your side that didnt give them the info in canada .somebody there is not doing his job ..first game that i have that i cant get add-on in time .
  8. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    I understand it's frustrating and i'm unbelievably sorry you haven't still received it. Sony are looking into the issue currently and should hopefully hear back soon.
  9. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    Glad you're enjoying it! Nothing to discuss about the future i'm afraid .
  10. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

    Hey Craig nobody can play homefront online so XPs is pointless no weekend play online at all network error 123 peace out
  11. JieXY JieXY New Member

    No Xbox Achievements at all? Was this supposed to be this way or did something cause the delay?
  12. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    Hey, this was something that didn't get pushed live by MS when the game was available. Apologies for this and they should now be available.
  13. JieXY JieXY New Member

    Finished the DLC and got all the achievements. It was much better than the previous one.

  14. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    Glad to hear it was sorted and you enjoyed it! Thanks again for being patient whilst we sorted it!
  15. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

    Hey Craig Will there be any new gun's or game modes what happened to weekend XPs nobody couldn't play online last week
  16. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    I'm afraid i can't comment on future content at this time. Regarding the weekend XP, there was an issue with some user's getting into games on Steam. This was fixed and the double XP event was extended until Wednesday.

    We are planning to do something again in the near future though, maybe double dollars? or both?
  17. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

    Hey Craig double dollars is pointless to I already have over $300,000 there isn't nothing to buy I have all attachments all the backpacks all guns maxed out all outfits there is nothing else for me to do but waiting for new maps Andy last DLC beyond the walls
  18. bamaboy77 bamaboy77 New Member

    Hey Craig once again nobody can play online error message two weekends in a row what's going on with you guys servers
  19. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    We're aware of issues again. I've got our team looking into this as a priority to find out what is going on.

    Apologies again for this - I'll update when i know what's going on.

  20. DSDBCraig DSDBCraig Dambuster Studios

    This should now be resolved and working again. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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