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Jun 29, 2017
    1. freedom1
      do you think you could add a new type of guerilla's creation kit where you can make your own clothes, armor and weapons?
    2. JohnnyMax7
      Xbox One Multiplayer
      Cannot connect to multiplayer (support code:138). Please check your network and try again later.

      On Xbox One, Test multiplayer connection says,"It's all good. There are no problems with your connection for multiplayer."
      What is the problem?
    3. MrFloppy
      Hey Mr. Developer, why am I dying inside the monorail while Crawford talks to me and while I cannot move and while there is absolutely no enemy threat or risk of getting hurt there? The screen just goes red, and I get the game over screen suddenly. Reloading checkpoints or older saves doesn't change anything. This is game-breaking, this is irritating.
    4. johnnash20
      thank you for looking into this. i did not know how to pm you, but my psn username is: general_maximugs
    5. Kamata_Angelus
      None of my dlc are working on the Xbox One (Liberty Pack, The Right Kind of School, Supply Line, and Revolutionary Spirit Pack) I pre-ordered the digital deluxe version in anticipation of the game and have not played it because none of my promised stuff has worked and have checked the forums and after 2 months I still cannot access anything.

      My gamertag is: Kamata Angelus
    6. zarga1
      Please help me when i launch the game my ps4 is very hot and the fps isn't goood and the game is slow help please
    7. Dboy4778
      Thank you for your hard work on this badass game!! It deserves Waaaaay better reviews. I don't get people. Thanks Craig!!
    8. knighthawk3759
      GT- knighthawk3759
      platform -xbox
      all preorder DLC isnt accessible it just labeled pre ordered on my dashboard and the freedom fighter content isnt accessible in game
    9. Codypalmbeach
      Version: Physical
      DLC item: Revolutionary Spirit Pack is listed as pre order Xbox one gamertag is Codypalmbeach
    10. IronSnake
      1. DSDBCraig
        It's showing as being applied to your account. Can you check on Resistance Mode if you have it now please?
        Jul 8, 2016
      2. IronSnake
        In resistance Mode works, but the skins in the campaign of the pistol and the motorbike doesn't work... :(
        Jul 8, 2016
    11. scooterman1331
      Hi, my gamer tag is scooterman1331. My Revolutionary Spirit Pack is listed as pre-ordered. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it twice. It does say on the Xbox Homepage for HF: TR that is pre-orderd and will be released on July 15th, 2016. Is this true or is there a work around. Thank you for your time. Mine is a physical copy.
      1. DSDBCraig
        Please check your account now in Resistance Mode :)
        Jul 8, 2016
    12. Codypalmbeach
      My gt is Codypalmbeach my Revolutionary Spirit Pack is listed as pre-ordered
    13. EffEmmGee
      Gamertag: EffEmmGee

      Missing Content:

      Liberty Pack
      Revolutionary Spirit Pack
      Supply Line
      The Right Kind of School
      1. DSDBCraig
        Should now be applied for you in Resistance Mode :)
        Jul 8, 2016
    14. Case85
      Uploaded my save and profile. I am not having any issues with the icons and have the 1.03 update. I thought it could be helpful seeing a file not having issues. Last mission completed was the brains of the operation and working on whistleblower now. Love the game... Keep up the good work!
    15. Mukshu
      I dont know if you still need the files for the no map indications visible, but i have uploaded them to the dropbox link.
      1) Where about's in the game are you? see scrn
      2) Had you updated from v1.02 to v1.03? Yes
      Remove/readd save game still issue. New story i c Mission inidicator.
    16. Rytool
      hello Craig,

      was wondering if you had any update with the 2 preorder packs not showing in game. this is similar to Doom's preorder not working.
    17. KingPollock
      Hello Craig,

      I have tried to redeem my xbox code for the beta, however every time I go to redeem it I get this error message This code has already been used
      Do you have another one? Try that.

      Email is codyblanc92@gmail.com
    18. silentassain147
      hey my beta code has been used already apprently , my email is kylemuggeridge@icloud.com
    19. zZGokuZz
      Beta code isn't working. Email is radcon11@msn.com
    20. kushedout88
      My beta code is not working. It says this code is being used. My email is emand1988@hotmail.com
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